Any Garden Driveway Construction

High quality, cost effective driveways solutions for every occasion

As on street parking is becoming harder to find, many people are turning to their gardens as a solution for parking problems. It is also a marvelous way of integrating the functional us of your front garden, but still allowing it to maintain its appeal as a garden. We can offer a range of solutions to enhance the garden and prevent it looking like a bland car park. It is also a way increasing the value of your property.

As with paving it is essential that a driveway is constructed correctly, regardless of the final surface that is chosen. All our driveways are built on a firm solid sub-base, with the paving finish laid in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

We are able to offer driveways including the increasingly popular block paving, in all its variations, gravel driveways, paved drives and simple concrete hardstandings. We are happy to advise on what solutions will work best and can provide you with any literature or samples to help you decide on what options to choose.

Since October of 2008 new planning regulations have been in force affecting the way that a new or re-laid existing driveway must be laid. Providing certain criteria are met regarding the drainage of the driveway then there is no need for planning applications. At Any Garden we are able to advise on the ways to achieve this.

As we do more than just driveways we are able to call on all our talents to provide a full overhaul and re-design of your driveways to soften its effect on the front of the house.

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