Any Garden Drainage and Irrigation

Water control and irrigation are paramount to a gardens success

In order to get the best from any garden the control of water is essential. Too little water can lead to poor results with lawns and planting and time money and effort invested in them can be wasted. The same can happen with bad drainage as well as making areas unusable for large parts of the year in bad weather.

At Any Garden we are able to offer solutions to both these problems. We can undertake land drainage projects to remove the problem of surface water drainage and boggy unusable ground and bring the water problems back under control. In many cases until the drainage problem is achieved then any money spent on relaying lawns or temporary fixes is simply wasted money.

We can resolve these problems in a number of ways dependent on the soil type and layout of the garden. We are more than happy to suggest ways of improving the drainage in the garden, ranging from simple small steps such as soil improvement, to large scale land drainage schemes, involving the use of heavy equipment such as excavators.

Over recent years water shortages in the garden and the introduction of water meters has meant being more conscious of the amount of water used on the gardens. It can also be hard work and time consuming at the end of a long day to spend time watering the garden. We can provide solutions, ranging from simple drip irrigation and soaker hoses, through to more elaborate irrigation sprinkler schemes to service a whole garden. The advantages of irrigation mean that the water is delivered in a very controlled manner to the plants that require it. We can also link up irrigation systems to timer controls so that the maximum efficiency can be gained from the watering, by it being carried out during the cooler hours of the day, so you don’t even have to turn on the tap.

Advances in manufacturing has meant that many irrigation systems are much cheaper and are no longer only available to large commercial planting schemes. They are also a useful addition for commercial premises to avoid the additional labour costs of watering.

If you would like us to look at a way of resolving bad drainage in your garden, or you want to get the best from your planting with a bespoke irrigation system, please give us a call.

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